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Construction Business Consultant

Excel CBC is so much more than just a construction business consultant. We are comprised of dedicated construction¬†industry experts who take pride in every phase of your process. We possess deep knowledge of how the construction industry operates, and our experience helps us build bespoke strategies for your business. We understand the critical drivers of success and common obstacles involved in driving results. This is one of the many reasons why we’re not just proud of the construction consulting projects we’ve worked on, but we’re also proud of the strong relationships we’ve built with our clients along the way.

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Simplifying Every Aspect of Your Construction Business

We do this by resolving and simplifying complex issues to assist our clients in improving the profitability of their construction business. In order to accomplish this core purpose, Excel CBC brings a wealth of construction experience to the table. All of our departments are aligned to attain a common goal and further Excel CBC’s mission to offer quality in construction consulting. Our commitment can be summarized in four words: Integrity, Value, Dedication, and Team.

We represent companies and individuals throughout the building process. We are able to be most effective when involved at the beginning of a construction project, serving as your risk management and cost control experts.

What is the benefit of our construction expertise on your side?

One point of contract will be given to you for each trade involved in your project, and sometimes one contract for multiple trades. We’ll make sure you will save money because we’re going to work on obtaining competetive bids in your behalf and eliminate wasted time with unqualified or overpriced tradesman. Side-by-side bid results will be presented to you to show that the savings are gained from the best and most fair bid. You will see bids side by side, showing the savings and confirming that your price is fair.

Synchronized work will make your project go faster, more efficient, and with the best results to fit your schedule and expectations as closely as possible. What governs in everything we do is the sound construction management principle. We do it with special attention to detail to promote innovative and better ways to get things done. We will find ways to get your project done faster and more efficient.

Excel CBC can provide sound legal advice and guidance on building and development contracts, funding and security arrangements, land subdivision, tender documents and processes, and dispute management and resolution. We can also handle your contract negotiation and administration, and all the legal paperwork required in any complex construction situation.

We are highly experienced in resolving construction disputes, be it a termination, delay, defect or payment issue through mediation, arbitration or, if needed, litigation.

The best benefit is that you will save money and will have the peace of mind that your project will run smoothly.

Construction Advisory Services

Construction Marketing

Project Management

Productivity Enhancement

Key Strategy Development

Executive Coaching

Technology Consulting

Why Choose Excel CBC Construction Business Consultants?

Excel CBC will prove to you that our construction consulting services will save you time and money. We will advise you on all matters related to your construction business which will help your business grow and prosper.

We bring a wealth of knowledge and professionalism, allowing you to take a step back and focus on tasks that you enjoy. Placing Excel CBC at the front end of your construction projects will give you a jump on your competitors. We can be as much involved in the process as you feel comfortable with, working in an advisory role or completely managing the entire project.

As professional construction business advisors, we can streamline your projects and processes which improve your profitability and allow you to focus on running your business.

Ultimately, we will surpass your expectations while providing solid construction business advice and project management.

  • We make sure to protect the success of your project, of your budget and your sanity. This is why we’re worth a call.
  • Relieve the stress and eliminate the need to deal with contractors, engineers, subcontractors and vendors.
  • Making sure you are only working with reputable, licensed and insured companies.
  • Services are given at a very reasonable price.
  • Work will surely be done on time.
  • All safety precaustions are considered and thoroughly thought through.
  • We guarantee you’re not signing onerous or misleading agreements
  • Rest assured that your project is properly managed.

FREE Construction Business Consultation

Learn how we can help your take your construction business to the next level! We offer 100% free consultations to any construction business who might need our services.

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